GDP Calculations/Information

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GDP Calculations/Information

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:54 am

Before filling out (be sure to read this):

 1) This RMB post contains some relevant information that you may want to consider reading.
 2) Find out your natural resources here. Just point out the resources located within your nation's borders.
 3) With some exceptions, be as specific as you can.
 4) When mentioning the quantity at which you import resources, no need to be specific. "A lot" or "A little" or "Moderate" is fine as it is.
 5) Be realistic. There is no way for your nation to get a 0% unemployment rate. You will also need a high tax rate if you want to keep your government services high-quality. A high tax rate and a high minimum wage would drive away businesses.
  6) "Industrialisation" refers to the level of focus your nation has on industries such as manufacturing. "Modernisation" refers to how on par your nation is compared to modern standards (ie. level of scientific advancement, quality of life).
  7) Let me know if you have any questions and/or special requests before filling the application out. Ask them on chat (if I'm online), or ask them via TG. Furthermore, you can also send the application to me via TG if you do not wish to post it here.
  8 ) If you are still confused by all of these, there is an example application located below.
  9) Fill out the application that is on this post. It contains all the up-to-date questions.
[spoiler=Application][b][u]Basic Information[/u][/b]
- [b]Full nation name:[/b]
- [b]Government type:[/b]
- [b]State ideology:[/b]
- [b]Economic system:[/b]
- [b]Real-world nation most similar to your's in terms of socio-economic policy:[/b]
- [b]RP population:[/b]
- [b]Unemployment rate in %:[/b]
- [b]Natural resources and level of exploitation of said resources:[/b]
- [b]Imported resources and quantity of said resources:[/b]
- [b]Level of modernisation:[/b]
- [b]Level of industrialisation:[/b]

[b][u]Government Information[/u][/b]
- [b]Minimum wage:[/b]
- [b]Your government's trade policy:[/b]
- [b]Specify any environmental regulations:[/b]
- [b]Quality of government-sanctioned infrastructure:[/b]
- [b]Quality of public education system:[/b][list]
[*][b]Does your government provide free education?[/b][/list]
- [b]Quality of public/national health care:[/b][list]
[*][b]Does your government provide free health care?[/b][/list]
- [b]Quality of public transport system:[/b][list]
[*][b]Does your government provide free transport?[/b][/list]
- [b]Does your government maintain a pensions programme?[/b][list]
[*][b]Quality of the pensions programme:[/b][/list]
- [b]Are there any other government services not mentioned in the questionnaire?[/b]

[b][u]Private Sector Information[/u][/b]
- [b]Specify any government regulations to private businesses:[/b]
- [b]Level of government subsidisation to businesses:[/b]
- [b]Does there exist any private educational institutions in your nation?[/b]
- [b]Does there exist any private medical institutions in your nation?[/b]
- [b]Does there exist any private transport businesses in your nation?[/b]

- [b]Do you wish to specify any more information that was left out?[/b][/spoiler]


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